July 17, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Logan!

One year ago today I went to the hospital to be induced. I knew I was having a boy but for whatever reason could not wrap my head around it. At the time, I thought so badly I wanted another girl. I was happy I was having a boy, but I had a girl so a girl would've been a better choice, right? Wrong! I was so wrong! 

This little man changed my life within seconds of meeting him. I needed a boy. I was meant to be a boy mom. I am so lucky I get to be this sweet boys mom! He fills my heart to the brim with love. The way he says "mama" makes me melt like I've never melted before. 

Today, July 17, 2013, Logan is 1! This year went by faster than any year I've ever experienced but it was a year full of  joy and one I'll never ever forget. 

Happy Birthday Logan Michael!
We love you more than words can say!

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